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Upper Limbs & Things

Based in Mackay, our services offer diagnosis and treatment for a range of upper limb conditions, lymphoedema, vascular conditions, burns, scars and swelling 


Glad to Help

We are proud members of the Mackay community and aim to provide the best therapy services to our clients.

Barb Popp


Barb’s Story

Barb’s family were pioneers in the sugar, timber and dairy industries in the Mackay area. She is the youngest of 9 children and was strapped to her horse from 3 years of age as she was too young to stay home alone. Her parents worked together to sustain their family on a farm with no income for many years, so there was never an option to not find a solution.

There was not time to be shown how, you learnt doing it and working it out yourself. It has taught her independence, creativity and a drive to work out how things work and how they could be improved for efficiency. Her drive is to understand how things work, why and search for ways to adapt and improve. She does not accept that there is no alternative. Working in systems confined by policies and set procedures with inefficiency and limitations she knew there could be more and a better way.

Barb’s philosophy is that things can always be better and there is always a way.

Why Choose Upper Limbs & Things?

Mackay Specialists

The therapists at Upper Limbs & Things have been focused on restoring functionality to hands and upper limbs, and helping to manage lymphoedema and vascular conditions since 1999.  

Individualised Treatment

Our team are experts, specialising in providing practical, personalised treatment programs.

We listen and work together with you to develop an individual program that uses up to date/modern equipment.

Qualified Therapists

All of our therapists are registered with AHPRA; the national registration governing board. We engage in continuous education and learning.  

 Therapists are also members of the Australian Hand Therapy Association and Australasian Lymphology Association 

Quality & Safety

We understand and value your commitment to your rehabilitation and in turn we provide quality with experience and expert knowledge. 

Get Back to Your Life

It’s our goal to assist a faster, sustained recovery so you can return to your daily activities.  

Medical Privacy

We take your privacy seriously. We recognise the importance of keeping the personal information that you entrust to us private and confidential as required with the privacy act. 

Our Philosophy

Reclaim Your Independence

Our Vision

To bring out the best in people
Empowering others to achieve

Our Values

At Upper Limbs & Things we believe in:

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Do what you say you’re going to do.
  • COMPETENT: Do whatever it takes.
  • CONNECT & COMMUNICATE: Clear effective time efficient communication, we make people matter.
  • CONFIDENCE: Confidence in own skills and ability to find a solution
  • LEARNING: Consistent and ongoing learning

Our Team