Frequently Asked Questions

We accept self referralsNo, you do not need a referral to see us unless it is a Workcover or Insurance injury claim; in this case you will need a referral from your doctor.

Bring any referrals or information regarding your injury including previous splints, compression garments or exercise programs you have been provided. Most forms can be completed online and we are able to access most scans/x rays if you tell us when you book in.

Earlier therapy has proven to provide better results. We can care for your wounds, dressing and make sure you understand what has happened and what you need to do now. We can start at day one.

Initial appointments are from 30-60 minutes, depending on the complexity of your injury or concern. Our aim is to find out the cause of the problem and provide you with something to take away from the session. After this you appointments will usually be anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes.

Splints can be made during your consultation time. They are quick and easily made on the spot.

Yes we can help. We can make custom made splints that are lightweight, waterproof and breathable. We can also replace your cast if that is required.

We have specialised skills in assessing and treating all injuries from your fingertips to elbow (hand therapy) as well as lymphoedema, vascular, swelling and burns. We work only with these injuries allowing us to provide expert service and treatment.

Most Private Health Funds cover Hand and Lymphoedema Therapy. Check with your health fund if you have extras cover and whether you are covered for Occupational Therapy.

Yes you can. We have a HICAPS machine that will process the consultation. You will need to submit the receipt for any splints, bandaging, garments or consumables separately to your health fund as we are unable to process them. Check if you are covered for Occupational Therapy on your extras cover.

Only referrals from a GP (your usual doctor) under an EPC plan (Enhanced Primary Care) will be eligible for any rebate from Medicare towards the cost of consultation. This does not include consumables.

Lymphoedema therapists are specially trained to assess your vascular and lymphatic systems, determine the cause of the problem and provide treatment options to manage the condition whether that be Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Compression wraps, bandages, garments, use of tapes, wound and scar management or prescription of sequential pumps. Common conditions include lymphoedemapost surgery trauma, chronic venous insufficiency, leg ulcers, varicose veins and burns.

Arthritis affects most of us as we use our joints, there are changes that can occur. We can help to provide education on how best to use your joints to prevent further degeneration, provide exercises or stretches to rebalance and education on ways to keep your independence, which may include the use of equipment or change in posture.

The finger has more nerve endings than other parts of our body and there is an intricate balance between bone, ligament, muscle and tendons. If you consider how mobile your fingers are and the clever tricks they can perform compared to our arms, legs and trunk, it will give an insight to the number of structures that can be involved. If any of these are damaged, overstretched, tight, or broken, knowing the correct way to position can mean the difference to how much use of the finger you have long term. Early treatment is always recommended.

While cost is a factor, our goal is to help you to be independent so you don’t need to continue with treatment long term (where possible). Consider how much you spend buying items that may not be correct via online shopping/chemist etc, hopefully we can help direct you to the most appropriate and cost effective options.  Initial consultations vary between from $160 to $265 (subject to change), depending on time and complexity of your injury. Standard Follow up consultations are from $110 – $160 (subject to change). Brief follow up appointments (less than 15 minutes)  are from $55 (subject to change) . Splints and other consumables are not included in this fee.

Why Choose Upper Limbs & Things?

Mackay Specialists

The therapists at Upper Limbs & Things have been focused on restoring functionality to hands and upper limbs, and helping to manage lymphoedema and vascular conditions since 1999.  

Individualised Treatment

Our team are experts, specialising in providing practical, personalised treatment programs.  

We listen and work together with you to develop an individual program that uses up to date/modern equipment.  

Qualified Therapists

All of our therapists are registered with AHPRA; the national registration governing board. We engage in continuous education and learning.  

 Therapists are also members of the Australian Hand Therapy Association and Australasian Lymphology Association 

Quality & Safety

We understand and value your commitment to your rehabilitation and in turn we provide quality with experience and expert knowledge. 

Get Back to Your Life

It’s our goal to assist a faster, sustained recovery so you can return to your daily activities.  

Medical Privacy

We take your privacy seriously. We recognise the importance of keeping the personal information that you entrust to us private and confidential as required with the privacy act.